Betrayed, Shattered and Resurrected

Being alive without you is a curse
My broken heart is crying deep inside
That pain is leading my mind for suicide
Alone in the world without any recourse

You couldn’t keep promises you’re infidel
I still have your scarf indulged with your memories
I could have been waiting so long with rosaries
But your perfidy replaced my zealous with idle

Wave of misery is on it’s velocity
I am not gonna tricked by your chimera again
Now my heart is out of your love reverie
I have drowned ferry of emotional toxicity
Resurrected the happiness and joyous got regain
I am queen of my own, no more part of your coterie

Heart of a Man

After hearing a word,
what go through your mind,
A strong hearted creature,
Actually heartless creature,
Come on,
Yes I am heartless,
Do you know why?
Because you forced me  to be that kind of person,
Because you(the society) never told me,
That I can use me eyes to flow out my tears,
Nobody told me, about the softness of my heart,
I cannot burst out in public,
I cannot cry out loud,
I cannot show tenderness,
I cannot be failure,
I cannot resist my self from being wild,
Because from the very beginning,
You told me,
You are a boy, not a girl,
Crying does not suits you,
Being tender does not suits you,
You always have to raise your voice, because you are a man,
Oh it’s a curse for me,
Because I cannot express my weakest emotions,
Just because I am a man.

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Late night chat with my pillow

“Do not cry for them
They will not return to you
I have seen many people
Who have gone and never returned,
I am eye witness of them”
My pillow told me.
“They were here with their beloveds
When they cuddled
They huged
They kissed
But they do not touched their soul
They just played with body”
My pillow told me.
“So do not cry
If they gone
They meant to be gone”
My pillow told me.

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Fresh morning after burning old feelings

         That all was started with a daily good morning. By exchanging numbers, it was habitual for us to talk over the phone for hours. We were getting closer to each other. We started to understand each other. I liked to spend quality time with him. We shared everything with each other. He seemed to be very caring and loyal for me. He always narrated me as his best friend, but more than a friend and less than a lover. And i was falling for him in deep inside. I could not resist myself. I knew, that would be a ending for our beautiful relationship (friendship). I started to express my feelings indirectly. It was usual for us to spend nights together, as we were friends only, but the feelings we’re beyond the explanation. And one night we spoiled are relation, as we explore each other. I could feel the lust in his touches, that was enough to stop everything, even our beautiful relation too. That was the last night and last talk with him, his touches did the work of a mirror for me. As I felt his entire trap and escaped me from getting deep down there. It was the bloody hell end of our togetherness. As the night went out I welcomed my self with a fresh good morning without him.

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She rises before sun rises

Before sunrises,
She rises,
It seems like,
She is competing with sun,
And everyday, she defeats the sun,
She is a sunshine for the house,
She enlighten the house,
There is darkness without her,
She is enchanting the prayer,
She switches on the gyser,
Preparing coffee for her husband,
Waking up the kids,
Make them ready for the school,
Preparing breakfast for them,
Mother-in-law shouted on her,
She delivered her news paper,
As well as her spectacles,
Her husband asked for his purse, socks, handkerchief,
Her maid called her,
She said,” I won’t be able to come for two days”
It was like a fucking moment for her,
And then she realised,
The milak was boiled and flows out of the pan,
Oh!  Again kitchen messed,
After sending her kids and her husband,
She wanted to relax,
But suddenly door bell rings,
There her realtives from another city,
She welcomed them with a warm smile,
Again she started doing her job,
She was restless,
But still she was energetic to be a good host,
To be a good mother
To be a good wife,
To be a good daughter-in-law,
And more over,
To be a good person,
Because, she finds her happiness,
In her kids, husband, parents, loved ones,
She poured her emotions,
On her family members,
She loves them more than herself,
That’s why,
Before sunrise,
She rises.

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She was looking Mesmerizingly beautiful. She wore a red colored attire,
Diamond studded jewelry, Dark brown mehndi, Sparkling red bangles, She was looking like a moon light. There was a great glow on her face, With a little bit nervousness.
Then, I go to her and Congratulate her on her special day. And I asked, “So you are marrying to your loved one?” She replie,”no” Then added,” Even I am scared by thinking about him,as I really don’t know much about him.” I asked again ” Why are you marrying then? ” She replied, ” Because my family wants, and now I am in late twenties,people are gossiping of my age, I have completed my post graduation ,and family doesn’t allow me to do a job,and you know by growing age you will not be able to find a perfect man for you in terms of money and honey,so I think I need to marry someone at this age. ” Everything was sorted. Is this called marriage? You are settled down for the sake of family, age, society, etc. It is like a business. The one should marry to their loved one, not any random guy, who is selected on the basis of property, family business, profession, job. Why should I need to marry? I can pay my bills, I can shop for me, I can greet my self in a better way. I do not think any other person can treat me in a same manner as I am treating myself. I can handle my parents too. I can do everything for me, then, why I need someone else to spoil my freedom. I cannot do this without any good purpose. For me marriage is not compulsory. It should be an option. If you have someone with whom you are comfortable beyond the boundaries, with whom you can stay as you are, with whom you can cry out loud,with whom you can be crazy,only then you should marry. Otherwise marria5 is just a trade.

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Lust or love

My dear parents,

I hope you are doing well. But unfortunately I am not fine in this heap of junk. When I was eliminated from your womb, they thought that i am dead. But i wise alive, just to say my these words. Mommy and Daddy why did you do this? When you cannot take responsibility then why did you make me born to like this, you threw me away just like another filth of your house. That was your lust, that was fulfilled, but why did you do this to me? What was my guilt? You cannot make a decision for me. I am being rotten in this junk, very soon I will be a carcass. Please find another way to fulfil your lust, or if you cannot live without having sex, atleast do not conceive me, when you are not in the position to carry me in this world with a fortune. Just imagine, if your parents did the same with you, how will you feel. These crows are biting me, they grabbed my soft skin, may be it is more delicious than anything else. I am dying with lots of pain, anger, torture, gloom, and many more. You know when I was in your womb, I thought I will be like you, but now I think I was wrong. I will not be a lusty parent. I will not do this with my kids. If I will conceive them, I will take my responsibility. I will not threw away them like a garbage. You both are monster for me. Yes you are a monster. You are a monster. You will feel your guilt but that will be really very late. You will live with that guilt forever. Bye mommy and daddy, I am dying and I cannot say more. I hope you will not do this again.
Your abolished child

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There is no rescue possibility

Surrounded by love and affection,
Quivering for momentary satisfaction
You know, There is no rescue possibility,

You are in cage of your emotions,
And Bounded by self limitations,
You know, There is no rescue possibility,

Living with melancholic seclusion
Even though created joyous illusion
You know, There is no rescue possibility.

Knee down to feel compunction,
But It’s too late to resurrection,
Cause you know, there is no rescue possibility.

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Standstill in life

Stop for A while,
And look back,
May be you have achieved a peak point in your life,
But do realise how much you have lost yourself,
I am not saying get back that lost you,
But just explore yourself,
And feel that inner power within you,
There is no back gear in life,
But standstill is important to evaluate your progress.


It is era of being technically superior. Technology is affecting our normal routine life in enormous ways. It has negative and positive impact on our daily lives. Follow and unfollow game is one of those impacts. On social media it is very easy to give your opinions or views, whether they are important or not. Almost everybody is secretly wishing to be famous without knowing. So they are playing a game, called follow/unfollow. They will follow you to get follow back, once they got succeed in their mission, they will fire you from their following list. It is insanity. Why do you doing such act? If I am finding worthy or interesting content on your page/site/blog, I will follow you with my own will without expecting a follow back. So please stop scamming social media with your hunger of being admired. It is no use if you are having hundreds of followers just because of following back, and you cannot even inspired 1/3 of them. Stop this game. You can get followers by doing this, but for short term only.

Feel free to give your views on my opinion.

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